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About AOF-East

The AOF-East has specialized in creating a balance between demands from the companies, the competences of actual and coming employees, and the resources necessary for creating optimal solutions.

Throughout many years, the AOF-East has assisted Municipalities in re-qualifying and re-placing citizens, who have lost contact to the labour market

The assignments are primarily solved by use of individual contact-relations between employees from AOF-East and the Citizen.

Experiences from these contact relations are offered to companies as a concept that enables the companies to minimize costs and optimize earnings by:

AOF-East has a staff of around 25 employees and has divisions in several cities in Zealand.

The staff represents a wide range of educations and experiences:
social workers, teachers, psychologists, systemic coaches, experts from the health sector and experts from companies.

The total of competences enables AOF-East to offer high quality services to municipalities, citizens and companies.

AOF actively participates in EU projects and has qua its employees good contacts in several countries in Europe.



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